A Little NABS History

The National Association of Black Scuba Divers Organization (NABS) was founded in January, 1991 and has been a catalyst for promoting scuba diving throughout the African-American community.  Membership is open to anyone regardless of race, sex, religion, color, ethnic origin, age, or handicap.  NABS was formed as a non-profit organization for the following purposes:

   *To promote scuba diving, water sports skills, and environmental awareness and conservation.

   *To help develop educational programs that will stimulate interest and knowledge in the sport of scuba diving.

    *To sponsor an annual NABS convention.

    *To serve as a clearinghouse for scuba safety, training, and technical information.

Mission Statement

To create a network of people and resources that provide educational experiences that enhance and promote an appreciation of diving and an awareness of the aquatic environment.  This network will build unity and camaraderie to transfer the legacy to future generations.

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